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Lending a Hand September 30, 2012

It has been quite some time since I posted a blog…quite some time indeed. No reason other than time, or rather a lack of time. I’ve been busy…busy with the kids, busy with the business, busy with work, busy with life. It’s been a juggling act on a tightrope trying to balance schedules, meals, orders, laundry, etc., etc., etc. I will even admit that while I feel immensely and unbelievably blessed to be doing the things I’m doing (ok, maybe not the laundry), I also sometimes feel like I just cannot take on another thing. With a husband that travels weekly for business and the sons that can drive living in different states, the daily run of dance classes, voice lessons, theatre practice, groceries, doctor’s appointments, etc., etc., etc. has left me feeling a little out of breath!

Facing the daily tasks we have to do, or want to do, can be exhausting, but we generally find a way to tackle the beast and get it done. Until that one time, that one time when we are faced with that one thing that we didn’t plan for … that we don’t want to do … that we just might not have the energy to face …  certainly not alone.

And that’s when your friends step in. And that’s why I’m finding the time to post a blog today. Today, my friends, and my little community of little businesses are working together for one cause. Under the dierction of the dear, sweet Barbara of Shabby Cowgirl, we are lending a hand to a family that just doesn’t have the energy to think about the busy-ness of daily life. A few days ago, Barbara used the power of social media to reach out to a small number of businesses that have been extremely supportive to each other. Although most of us have never met face to face, we have developed real and lasting friendships through our facebook connections. We’ve discussed our businesses, our families, our hopes and dreams and frustrations. We may be forging our friendships over virtual cups of coffee, but it is no less real than if we were sitting together at the kitchen table or at the local cafe. And when one friend falls, we want to do all we can to help pick her back up.

So when Barbara reached out to let me know that our Amy over at  Junk Love and Co. was sitting by the hospital bed of her son who had been injured, along with her father-in-law, in a severe accident, miles and miles from home, I was more than happy to help her in any way. Not because we’ve met, not because my sons have played with her son, but because she was suffering. And afraid. And she needed our help, even if we could only do the smallest of things. We wanted her to know she could lean on us.

Miss Shabby Cowgirl had an idea, that maybe a few of us could donate an item to an online auction, and we could raise just a little money to help with the cost of gas and food while Amy’s son was being treated in the pediatric intensive care unit of a hospital far from their home. Maybe we could just lift the burden a little bit so that they could focus all of their time and love on getting their family well and home. One little idea…the thought of one friend reaching out to a few more friends…has grown into an amazing online auction with well over 30 businesses participating with donations.

So won’t you join us on the facebook page of Shabby Cowgirl today, September 30th. The auction will run from 12 noon until 7 pm, PST. You’ll find the bidding rules and payment instructions, along with the amazing auction items, all listed on her page. Everything from jewelry to baked goods to autographed books and so much more, including a few items from my very own Cowgirl in the Sand shop. If you aren’t able to participate in the auction, maybe you could lend a hand by sharing the Shabby Cowgirl link on your facebook or twitter page. We can all lend a hand, and together, we can do amazing things!


Finally, the Forsythia… April 8, 2011

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I spend quite a bit of time in my car, like most busy Moms of overscheduled kids…practice, appointments, work, school events…even an occasional trip to the emergency room or the police station (those, of course, are stories for another day!). And because I drive around so much, I become almost immune to my surroundings–no longer noticing the same-old same-old, day-after-day array of businesses and homes that I pass along the way. It’s sad, but true; always trying to get to the next place I have to be, I will sometimes forget to notice where I am. But sometimes something will catch my eye and even cause me to catch my breath…

It happened this week, on my way to deliver a son from the orthodontist to the school in time to deliver myself to work. I was driving the same old route that I drive day after day and something looked different…brighter…happier. Finally! The forsythia was in full bloom! Finally!

Growing up, my Mom and Grandmas would always point out the crocuses as the “first flowers of spring.” And true as that may be–and lovely as they are–they are small and low to the ground. You almost have to look for them peeking up out of the dirt or snow. I’ve always felt like the forsythia were the true signal that spring had sprung. They are big and vibrant and yellow as the sun shining in the sky. When they bloom, it is brilliant. The bold color burst right out of the dark brown branches in a glorious announcement of arrival–like a boa-clad diva arriving slightly late at a cocktail party! The bushes are big and full, like life itself, and they make me smile! And they remind me that spring is really here!

We’ve suffered through a cold and dreary winter here in the Northeast, and so far we seem to be slowly moving through a  cold and dreary spring. Temperatures have been below normal, gray skies are the norm, and when the cold rain falls, we convince ourselves (in an effort to not go bonkers) that it’s good for the flowers, which will eventually spring up and lift our spirits so high that we’ll forget that the Groundhog let us down with his prediction of an early spring.

I think I can forgive you now, Punxutawney Phil. I think I can make it through a few more dreary days. Because when I’m driving my routine routes now, I can finally see the golden hope of springtime. I can finally see the forsythia!