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Falling Back into a Rhythm… October 14, 2010

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Well, I was going to write a back to school blog…about six weeks ago! The problem with writing a back to school blog is that it’s only appropriate at the beginning of the school year, and if you are lucky enough to have more than one child, in more than one school, with more than one extracurricular activity..well, let’s just say, that back to school blog is never going to make its way to becoming an actual post.

And now…well, back to school seems a bit outdated. We are deep into the extracurricular activities and, judging by the cool, crisp  morning, we are moving deep into the fall season. Autumn is a lovely time here in the Northeast. Most of the days offer chilly mornings and evenings as bookends to warm, sunny afternoons. The air is free of humidity, the sky is full of blue, and all around are the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves.  As the heat and humidity of the summer fade away, everyone seems to have a renewed spring in their step…busily preparing the hearth and home for the long dark winter.

Back to school and the fall season seem to put the lazy days of summer back on a schedule. Life seems to “get back to normal.” Those of us with children move back into school-mode. Our days are full of Monday-Friday routines–getting up, getting to school, getting to the homework and the daily activities, getting to bed at a reasonable hour…and then getting up and doing it all over again. Everyone seems to slide back into the groove of everyday life. And schedules and routines are good things. As children, we thrive on them…and as adults, well, I think we complain about them, but secretly, I think we are comforted by the predictable rhythm they bring to our lives. Sure it’s great to mix it up every now and again…to try something different or take a few days off…but I believe we like the “order” provided by our daily, scheduled moments. We just need to make sure we don’t get too set in our ways. As usual, it’s all about balance. The order of the week can lead to the spontaneity of the weekend. I look forward to the beauty and joy of autumn weekends–full of  football games, marching bands, mums, apples, pumpkin patches and corn field mazes–they are a fine distraction from the everyday, but those who know me well know that I like order…everything in it’s place…(of course, ask me again in the spring when I’ve had my fill of getting the kids up for school and one more “science project” or end-of-the-year concert will push me right over the edge!)

How do you find the balance between order and routine and falling into a rut? It’s a tricky balancing act, but when you find it…that rhythm that is your own, it’s a calm and beautiful thing. So don’t feel “boring” because you like the predictable moments of your life…just don’t forget to “schedule” something a little different every now and then…keep moving through life, changing like the colors of the leaves…what develops is a beautiful thing…a beautiful ride!


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